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Whenever I exhibit my work at local shows I always work on a bear so people can see how they are created!  Mainly because they just canít understand until they see it happening in front of them.

Needle felting is such a different craft, I find here in New Zealand than most people have never heard of it, or mistake it for wet felting which is quite different.

Perhaps you have seen it before, or know a bit about it but if you havenít this is for you.

Needle felting is done with carded, unspun wool (this is what wool is like before itís spun into the yarn you knit with!).  You can use any unspun animal fibre really, with some being harder to use than others, but whether itís natural in colour or vibrant and exciting, they can all felt up into lovely creations.

When I needle felt I use up to 3 needles, each needle has 3 sides and each one has barbs down the shaft of the needle.  These barbs cause the fibres to tangle up as you poke the needle into the wool!  In this way we can compact the wool up and coax it into the shapes we need as we go.  Each of my bears has itís part sculpted from the wool separately and then they are string jointed together so that they can move!

Here are some photos of a work in progress to give you an idea!

Because of the way needle felting works, there are no patterns, you canít really copy exactly either so each bear is really one of a kind and very unique!

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First we start with a loose ball of wool.† Poking and turning repeatedly will cause the wool to tangle and start to compact.

The more you poke the more the wool firms up and you can begin to form your shapes.† This will be a head!

Here I am attaching an ear to the head, you can just poke the pieces together as it forms a strong bond tangling one piece into the other!

This is the finished bear with all his parts, now he just needs to be thread jointed together!

Meet Reginald, heís the only bear I have done who is designed to lay down, he reclines on an old tobacco pipe now!