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Creating my bears and their little friends is one of the great joys in my life.

I love to share my creations with others and have emails from around the world which is so much fun and always wonderful to know that they are enjoyed!


Working to order is often a lot of fun as some of my customers give me great challenges and ideas I hadnít thought of!


I hope you will feel free to follow my work on my blog and on facebook, I love to hear from those who appreciate what I do!


Thanks so much for visiting my site!

Tiddles the Cat


I donít make many cats but this one is a real sweetie!


Actually named for his big feet, he is felted from a gorgeous fine merino which took hours!



Such a neat looking bear, he has a shirt ruffle on his front!



A little ballet student I made for my daughters ballet teacher!† She even has her hair in a bun!



One of my favourites, his little toes are so sweet and I love his colouring, dropped ears are gorgeous too!


Sukie has the sweetest little face.† Felted in pastel pink and mauve she is very pretty!


I just love these little twins, Bella is so sweet and her colouring so striking!† Love the rosette too!



Heís Bellaís brother and felted in plum shades in a style to match his sister!† Love his oversized beret!


This big guy has great big blue eyes, and a striking combination of beige and fawn for his coat!† Love the toes and his belly is weighted!



I canít believe I made this bear so long ago. He is quite an early bear but he just won a blue ribbon and Judges Choice award


You already met Bella and Buddy, but they are so darn cute I had to share them again!

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Such a gorgeous style, love the hairband with matching felted flower!† She is a stunning shade of mauve with beige accenting!


Clara and her Teddy

These two are very special!† Felted from merino/silk which was then painstakingly brushed to make her soft coat.† Hand stitched dress just for her!



One of my bigger bunnies, donít you just love those huge cheeks!!† Felted in soft natural Romney with maroon/brown accents



Felted from a gorgeous shade of green with curled toes and a silk scarf.† A very special bear.



A little turquoise fairy bear with orange accents including his gorgeous sparkly wings and antennae!


Lewis is felted and then brushed over many hours to create this furry finish!† Heís very special and probably will never be repeated!

Meet the Doodlebugs!† Iíve just finished these two and they were so much fun, love those antennae and wired limbs!† Bugsie and Doodle!

Well I think that will do for now!† I have actually made many more than this, over 500 in fact, but I wanted to share only the very best with you, my lovely guests!

I hope you have enjoyed visiting and that you will come back again soon!† There will always be plenty to see as I just canít stop making them!† To see the latest work visit my blog !

I would love to hear from you if you have the time and thanks so much for coming!

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Liza Adams


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