Gallery 4


This award winning bear is certainly a keeper.† Felted from hand dyed mustard wool with white his traditional looks are modernized with his loooong hat/scarf.



A bit old fashioned, this bear has a bow tie and glasses but he also now boasts a blue ribbon from this years Hamilton Bear Show.



Another hard to part with bear, I loved the combination of blue and white.† Heís basic but sometimes thatís a good thing!


Mandy the Mandarin Fairy

Felted in a gorgeous and rather rare shade of orange I had just enough to create this little sweetheart!† I just loved the shiny blue thread for her accenting.



A lil bear in his PJís!† This sweet baby bear sits on a lovely crochet blankie I bought for him.† Very cute style of bear.



Little Blossom Bunny is the cutest little thing ever.† She is felted in a gorgeous pastel blend, with cotton candy pink accenting, including those adorable toe pads!† Cute or what?



Little girl bear in her ballet tutu and headband with micro rosettes and ribbons up her legs.† She is just so sweet!



One of my favourite styles of bear, natural brown Romney with white accenting.† Quite traditional and chunky!



You wonít see another like this anywhere!† This little guy sits in his handmade clay paddling pool wearing floaties and his sunblock on his nose!



Another natural brown Romney bear, but Abner looks so different with sweet details and huge paws!



A little bit different this one.† Filbert is felted in two shades of mauve!† He has a much smaller muzzle than most of my bears and a lovely smooth head, I really like him.


Little dropped ears and a soulful expression make this wee fellow melt your heart!† Soft shades of blue and sea green.



Another anime bear, this one is nice and girly.† She is felted in raspberry and navy wools with really different felted eyes.† Love the sapphire heart pendent.


Betsy Bunny

A gorgeous lady bunny, she has ribbon embroidery on her feet and up her legs!† Her sweet little bunny face is just perfect with those little teeth!


Suzy and Suzette

Anime style bear, this pair are very different.† Suzy has red mohair pigtails and a pretty dress to match her big blue hooded eyes.† Suzette is the sweetest little sheep ever!


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Text Box: This is my table at one of last years shows

My sister Sarah helps out some times, itís a great day out!

This is generally how my table looks at a show, I tend to overdo it with the bears and have way too many on the table!  But I just canít leave any behind!

Below is part of the table at an outdoor show!

I hope you have enjoyed your visit.† These are some of my best work and I do hope they will bring a smile!

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