Gallery 3


A lovely girl bear, Bella wears crochet collar and cuffs with a pretty rosette at her ear!



This handsome fellow is felted in a unique mossy shade of Merino!  He has the sweetest little expression!



One of my smallest bears, this one measures in at around 1 inch tall!  He comes in a rose ring box and has handmade wings and antennae



Apricot corriedale wool looks fabulous with his hand knitted hat and scarf in grey/blue!    This little guy looks warm and cosy for winter!

Feets Too Big

A lovely shade of blues compliments his peach coloured muzzle and belly!  As his name suggests his feets are wayyy too big and look so cute!

Princess Jewely

Our member of royalty, Princess Jewely, is felted from a lovely deep plum shade of wool.  She has on a gorgeous amethyst pendent and wears a silver and CZ ring on her head.  Doesn’t she look the picture of regal bearyness?



This lovely girl is felted in merino with pastel shades of mint, lavender, lemon and pink.  She has the sweetest little face and big dark eyes!



This attractive little bear is felted in merino/silk in a lovely dark brown with ripples of maroon.  Her big toes, muzzle and ears are all felted in a gorgeous maroon to match!


Sugar Plum Fairy

One of my larger fairies, this little honey was soooo hard to part with.  Made for an order she has hand made beaded wings and tiara, she is felted in a gorgeous strawberry coloured wool.



This little guy is just the cutest.  He has ‘leaf’ arms and his legs and body are his ‘stem’.  Don’t you just love those little petals!



Made for a special order, these little gollies wear matching outfits for boy and girl.  They have great, furry hair!



A very unique bear this one.  I just love his style tho, his paws are covered in a powder pink wool as are his face.  It works well with his rust coloured body and nose!



One of my most popular styles of bear, these ones go fast!  Felted in a gorgeous shade of green with minty green accents



An anime style bear, he is felted with gorgeous shades of soft blue and purple.  Just love that little nose and his big head!


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