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This little guy was commissioned by a lady here in NZ, he is similar to Cherish, my Valentines bear!  Made especially for someone who loves green and purple, a good example of how unique your orders can be!


Sweet William

Another of my Big Nose Bears range, this guy has a very unique face and a sweet little belly!  His fur is brushed and he has a wobble jointed neck.



A sweet little fairy bear with hand made, beaded wings and tiara!  She is very unique and I had so much fun making her!


Florence Nightingale

Created for a group challenge she was so much fun.  An anime bear she has a much bigger head than body as is the style.  I even made her polymer clay ‘lamp’



Another anime bear, she has pink alpaca fibre for hair and a little hair clip!  Pink blushed cheeks and all!



My first, and so far only, Yorkshire terrier!  Taffy is so gorgeous with her hand rooted silky coat of mohair imported from the States!  I really must make another one!



The sweetest little bear ever!  With her candy pink nose and little hearts on belly and feet.


100’s and 1000’s

Made for my Handful of Cookies range she is pink iced with lollies on top! Lol  She even has a biscuit base!


Auntie Flo

This fine lady bear is one of my few dressed bears.  She has a shawl and hand embroidered skirt!  Her flower in her ‘hair’ matches the one on her shawl!  She even has eye lashes and makeup!


A very sweet bear, this one was hard to part with.  Just love the curled toes and dropped paws!!  A lovely hand dyed shade of plum too!



This lovely bear is one of my favourites!  Felted from a lovely warm soft yellow and a gorgeous deep merino, she is very striking!



This bear is my model for my advanced bear class.  He has felted eyes, open mouth and sculpted toes!  His muzzle is also separate which is a great way to get 2 colours in a bear!

Kokeshi Dolls

These little ladies are felted in 2 pieces so their heads turn but their bodies are embellished with colour and pattern.  Each one is unique!



A gorgeous bear, Nugget was felted in a lovely shade of gold hand dyed wool.  He wears a lovely pendent around his neck in gold and CZ also!  He is such a lovely bear!



This wee Anime bear was very hard to part with.  He is so very lovely and I haven’t been able to copy him ever since!


Remember, if you would like to ‘order one similar’ just email me with your request, what ever colours you would like, style of bear (either one of your own minds eye or similar to one you have seen here!) and when you would like it by.


Please remember all sales are NOT final so you won’t be ‘stuck’ with a bear who doesn’t capture your heart!  I will email you with pictures of the finished bear and you decide if he is what you wanted or not!  The cost of most of my bears starts at $45NZD.


Payment is via Paypal for all international sales!

Ready for more little handfuls?

Have any captured your heart yet?

You can always email me regarding purchasing or commissioning new bears!

These little bears are from my limited  edition Vintage collection!

I hope you enjoyed meeting them!

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This lovely little guy is felted in natural Romney with antique shading and vintage style shirt.


A big, chunky, vintage style bear.  Lovely round belly and hump on his back!


This vintage style bear wears his collar and bow tie which really suits him.  He looks a bit like a teddy butler!


Don’t you love those vintage overalls and hat!  Natural romeny wool with antique style shading!

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