Gallery 1

Welcome to† Gallery One!


The following are some of my favourite† older creations!† Many of then are already adopted but if you fall in love drop me a line and I may be able to make something similar for you!†

There is no extra charge for custom orders!

I find it interesting to look back at these earlier bears, my work has changed so much over the years but some of them just amaze me that I could create something so fabulous so early on.† There were definitely a few gems amongst the first attempts!


Enjoy your visit!


One of my earlier bears, he is still available as I couldnít part with him any sooner!

He is Grey and Pink.



Another early bear, this is one of my favourites and is still in my collection!



She is so sweet, one of my favourite pandas!



A lovely girl bear, she is felted in† neat shades of pink and has maroon accenting.



This sweet little girl comes complete with her own miniature room, bed, quilt, pillows and more!† Her pretty blue skirt really suits her!


This gorgeous elephant was commissioned and he turned out so well, love those cheeks!

Sister Bears

These girls represent my 2 daughters.† Arenít they sweet?† I have had so many people want to buy them! lol



This fine fellow is felted from a gorgeous merino/silk blend in lovely shades of purple, photo doesnít do justice, he has a neat belly button too!

Lady Lavender

A sweet lady bear with her knitted hat and scarf!† She was just the sweetest little thing!



I canít believe I made this bear so long ago. He is quite an early bear but he just won a blue ribbon and Judges Choice award


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This little lady bunny is so cute. She has sweet rosettes over her ears and the cutest little cheeks.



This little bear in sheeps clothing was created for a needle felting challenge!† He turned out so well, just look at that fluffy coat and those little ears!


Ugly Duckling

Remember the childrens story of the Ugly Duckling?† This little signet is just a sweet!



One of my Big Nose Bears range Declan is really OOAK.† Look at that shock of hair and those gorgeous eyes!



This sweet lady is one of my Thingamies range!† She is so soft with Alpaca wool, and look at those huge eyes!