Most Recent Bears



These are some of the more recent bears here at Little Handfuls,† some of them are still available, just drop by the Little Handfuls facebook page at the link below to see who is there and who is new!


One of my favourites, needle felted in gorgeous soft grey/green fibre with a big satin bow!


Felted in 2 gorgeous shades of plum with lovely expressive eyes!


An unusual little chap, love the hearts on his little feet!!



A very different creation, this kitty is about 4 inches with a long tail and cute paws.



A fabulous multi coloured bear, Sully has deep shades of blues and speckles of reds in his furry coat!


Such a sweet little bear, Plum is just little and has the kindest little face!


One of my bigger bears, Ripley is very unusual in bright rusts and lemons



A neat little bear in blues with awesome yellow embroidery for his nose and belly button too!


This is such a neat little bear in bright fushia with purples and pinks mixed in!


Tibs and his Pram

This lovely wee bear is dressed in his crochet romper and comes with this sweet wire pram with bedding and moving wheels!


I hope you enjoyed looking at this page of Little Handfuls.† If you would like to purchase any please contact me for price and availability.† And if you would like to order one I can do it any colour, any style or idea you may have so drop me a line and we can see what we come up with.

All orders are NOT final, I will email you pics of the finished item and YOU decide if you are happy with the finished result!† Itís no problem as they all find homes in the end and I just love making them!

My bears are roughly $45NZD to $75NZD depending on accessories and size as they take me from 4ó8 hours each to make!

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A neat merino/silk blend has been needle felted into this gorgeous fellow!† I love his multi colour thread nose too!.



This little bear comes in her crochet hat, jacket and pants and carries her tiny little felted bear too!



I really love this expression on this little 3 inch bear, Jacob is very sweet in beige and dusky pinks.



Another of my all time favourites, this little girl is so very sweet!† Felted in Angora rabbit with merino.



One of my first little bears that comes with his bed and toys!† Toby also has a hat and a sleep mask, plus cushion for his bed with teddy and blox to play with.


Monica and her flutter baby

This gorgeous creation consists of one amazing fairy bear, with polymer clay wings sculpted into her back, and her little baby who has been felted with ooak wings attached and they come with the babies Chrysalis also made from matching fimo which the baby fits into!